How to "boost" a post after it is published

When the read rates on a post in Workplace is low, we advise you to "boost" the post to get higher read rates. This is how you boost a post:

First of all, it is really important that you have selected "Mention Bot" under "Grant Permission" in Integrations -> Workplace for the bot you want to use for boosting. If you have not done this, the boosting will not work. Please check this before you boost a post. If you have not done it; select "Mention Bot" and press save in Workplace.

We recommend you to test the boosting in a small group the first time. Publish a post and ask one of the members to not read the post. Boost the post and check the results with the member who did not read the post.

Go to the Group in Workplace where the post is published

Alternative 1:

Press the "Bot" icon on the right side in the comment field, and choose the bot you want to use for boosting:

boots tag new

Alternative 2:

Type @ and the name of the bot, click on the bot:

boost comment new

To boost the post, press enter for both alternatives.